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Kuntal Patel

The USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service(NASS)


USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) provides accurate and useful statistics in service to U.S. agriculture. They desired to improve their public facing online experience that meets the needs and exceeds the expectations of our internal and external customers. Our team were brought in to conduct usability testing of the existing NASS websites, create revised functional prototype based on our 1st usability testing finding and recommendations; and then conduct 2nd round of usability testing on the improved and user-centric website design concept/prototype we develop. In the end, complete final report on outcomes, recommendations and propose priorities.


why we made decision to combine Qualitative and Quantitative usability testing: analytics data is a great way to identify possible issues occurring on your website. Usability testing and analytics together will tell much more accurate story. It will enable to fully understand the issue so that we can ensure that we solve the right problem. Analytics report only shows you what behaviors are accruing. In order to find out why users are confused or not taking actions you want them to take, a qualitative form of user research is necessary. By combining these both two better able to understand and improve the user experience of suggested design concepts.

What we tested 20 participates spread over different audiences were tested for 30-45 minutes remote sessions that made up of 1:1 conversation with participants while they browse each site in a live setting. Each participant got asked to complete specific tasks where necessary.
Observed participants on:
• Common user pathways
• Major challenges or user pain points across audiences
• Most valuable information and features
• Desired features or information
• Perceived purpose of the sites

We studied website analytics and tracking metrics to identify common user flows and most consumed pages. Later on, we presented our detailed report on both rounds of Usability testing that focused on what audiences/users we tested, methodology recap, key findings along with our suggestions for improvements summary to the client. It was well received.

For confidentiality reasons I have omitted the actual values.