Kuntal Patel
NY Port Authority

Port Authority Aviation sites


Enhance online amenities search experience on all New York airports


One of the most pressing usability issues while designing websites that has big datasets is the organization of search results. All New York airports were struggling with similar usability issue. All terminals in JFK airport provide various services and amenities to all passengers. One of the biggest complains of passengers that it takes forever to search their favorite restaurant on the website. Entire experience was cumbersome, felt like looking of needle in a haystack. Each terminal has great selections of restaurants, facilities, etc. The list of amenities page was too long; longer than 6 pages worth scroll. But, in the absence of any filters, its’ difficult to find needed amenities. Our team was brought in to examine the problem and find the solution.


I joined the team as an Experience Designer. I was responsible and led the design effort by following design thinking methodology from stakeholder interviews, design conceptualization, iterative mock-ups to interactive prototypes, client design validations, and creating widget library for Dev team.


While analyzing a large set of content, it became very obvious that I should apply category-specific filter design approach. Filters are great to narrow down content and to surface most relevant results but how we make sure they are helpful rather than confusing
I have suggested to provide user a category-specific filters to allow multiple selections to ease frustration and most importantly to use real world language model. It’s very important to avoid jargons and that labels of filter categories must be easy to understand. For instance, people from various culture refine results by café, coffee, or just name of coffee shop itself. I proposed that we need to define helpful filter categories to provide value to users. Combining sorting and filtering options in a vertical left area can give them more visibility while refine results. I created prototype to communicate my design vision and shared it with the team. It was very well received by team. The Data team spent significant time navigation structure data enrichment and cleansing.

High-fidelity Prototype link

For confidentiality reasons I have omitted the actual values for these metrics.