Kuntal Patel

USPS Delivery Unit Supervisor App

The challenge

Delivery Unit (DU) Supervisors in the Post offices juggles so many activities in the morning during a Golden Hour—a first hour of carrier’s work, in short amount of time. They oversee sorting out and organizing of incoming and outgoing mail, parcels, and fright deliveries. Constantly they have to walk the floor to capture mail volume; and distribute workload to each carrier. They would write these on clipboard, and entering into the computer later when they return back to their work station where their computers are located. Productivity was suffering significantly as they are performing these actions twice. Constantly they have to log-in data into numerous systems; print reports and sifting through report after report in search of those critical actions items. Constantly they go back & forth on floor and workstation. Our team was brought in to solve the problem; to empower supervisors with the right information at the right time to make the best decisions for USPS business and USPS customers.

My Role

I joined the team as an User Experience Design Lead. In the initial stages, UX researcher and strategist were part of the team while we were in the phase of pulling qualitative data - field visits and conduct series of supervisors’ interviews. Later on, I was responsible for all aspects of the design process to frame problems, define insights, design down from a vision, create user flows, concepts and prototypes, and transformed into intuitive, accessible, and easy-to-use solutions. In the end, created needed artifacts (widget guidelines, etc) for Dev team to create pixel-perfect designs

Primary Persona

After hypothesizing four different archetypes, we used them as guides to discuss user goals, pain-points, and behavior. We prioritized the phases of the project according to the persona types designated. Sam, our primary persona, was the main focus of the project. We used these personas throughout the entire project to ensure that all design decisions were user-focused.

Creating a vision & Designing down from a vision

My role was to look at the supervisors’ Golden Hour engagement journey to help refine Chaos and also how to empower DU Supervisors.
The first stage of the Design process was to gain an empathic understanding of the problem. This involves detailed understanding of key activities supervisor performs during Golden Hour, understand challenges, various systems they use to fetch needed information. Find opportunities to provide right information at right time. I conducted field study to see how Supervisors are behaving and performing their role in the actual Deliver Unit. Creating supervisor experience journey tremendously helped us understand supervisor activities flow during various stages, understand challenges and various systems supervisors using during each activity.

We presented key insights and opportunities to improve on. Based on our findings, we established supervisors’ need to have a mobile solution, a tablet they can walk the floor with. This App talks to all numerus systems and provide needed information in their hands. An alert feature that tells supervisors explicitly what hot items they need to act on, rather than printing or sifting through report after report in search of critical action items. Provide supervisors freedom to capture notes and data electronically as they walk the floor.

I shared proof of concepts with fellow team members to critiques for feedback. Based on the feedback, I created the final app flow.
I came up with design and created prototype in SketchApp and published in InvisionApp to create the interactive prototype so that I can seamlessly communicate, gather client feedback, and later on handoffs designs to development team.

I created entire mobile UI components/widget library for IOS and Android interfaces so developers can create pixel-perfect comps, export assets, and generate real code for app design element.

The Results

App eleiminated wider range of efficiencies in workflow as well as time and cost savings that includes:
- Improve accessibility of information across all devices, and relevant data from multiple sources
- Enable supervisors through proactive alerts that increase awareness and power decision-making
- Eliminated paper-based manual process and entry of data on clipboard

High-fidelity Prototype link

For confidentiality reasons I have omitted the actual values for these metrics.